Coffee Barista Training in Perth

Learn how to make and serve a fantastic cup of coffee every time! At Coffee & Tea Supplies of WA, we know that the art of making coffee can be extremely contagious – extracting a shot, texturing the milk, pouring the cup – it’s exhilarating!

Whether you are already in the industry, a budding home Barista, or looking to gain employment in the growing wave of cafes and restaurants in Perth, Coffee & Tea Supplies of WA is here to help.

Our hands-on courses are available both on and off-site. If you are in the Perth metropolitan area, we can arrange to come to your premises, or you can come to us.

Why train off -site?
Taking your team out of their usual work environment can help them focus without the usual work distractions – it’s also great for team building.

At Coffee & Tea Supplies of WA we love what we do, and will ensure your team’s off-site experience is one to remember.

Coffee & Tea Supplies of WA, the home of Giovanni Coffee, is located at 93 Pavers Circle, Malaga. For further information, email or phone (08) 9248 1500.